• CRAFT Catalog

    CRAFT Catalog

    Craft is inspired by hand-crafted, simple country wares made by generations of potters over hundreds of years. The range embodies the beauty of rich, lustrous glazes applied by hand, and celebrates chance effects and reactions which occur naturally in the kiln.The gem-like glazes married to simple forms and shapes produce a unique and individual appearance, giving Craft a rustic “joie de vivre”.
  • MELAMINE Catalog

    MELAMINE Catalog

    Steelite International has further developed its Selected for You offer of sourced products to bring exciting ranges of premium melamine displayware and dinnerware to the market. Responding to growing demand in the hospitality and retail markets for innovative display solutions Steelite International work with Southern Californian based partner company Elite Global Solutions to provide a stunning collection
  • KOTO Catalog

    KOTO Catalog

    Koto takes its inspiration from ancient Japanese Tenmoku glazes. These beautiful glazes var y subtly in texture and tone from piece to piece and embody the craf t of the traditional pot ter. The pieces are hand finished with a rich iron red glaze, which interacts in the kiln to produce a warm, organic, lustrous ef fect.
  • POTTERY INTL Catalog

    POTTERY INTL Catalog

    Individuality and natural authenticity are the key features of POTTERY. The decors on the large plates, platters and delicate dishes give them the look and feel of ceramic surfaces. Vibrant shades meet natural colours, lending the porcelain an entirely new, natural aesthetic whereby the consistently hand-made look makes each piece unique. POTTERY thus provides creative scope for the attractive presentation of

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