Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day and also one of the most essential services that a hotel offers. It should not be disregarded that around 88% of hotel guests believe that breakfast time is the most significant part of their whole hotel experience.

In this case, quality is more important than quantity in a hotel breakfast as it could easily become a reference point of satisfaction for all hotel guests, including existing and potential ones.

Below you can find 3 ways which can help any chef or F&B Manager to take the hotel breakfast buffet to the next level, thus creating an extraordinary result which stands out and leaves your guests happy, satisfied and with several friendly reviews on the hotel’s website and social media.


Make your buffet visually appealing

A breakfast buffet has to be visually appealing as appetite is primarily satisfied through the eyes and nose and then through the stomach. Nowadays 69% of millennials take photos and videos of their dishes or the hotel buffet area and they share these on social media before they even taste the food. Therefore, your buffet presentation matters and should tempt your guests to indulge in it or even sway their followers on social media on the choice of hotel next time.


Pay attention to the buffet setting and choose wisely the buffet accessories and equipment

Apart from the eye-catching presentation, a breakfast buffet has to be properly staged in terms of layout, selection of containers, materials and equipment in order to allow guests to see the full range of choices available, while keeping the buffet lively, neat and practical. You can also play with textures by using wicker baskets for bread and pastries, slate boards for cheese and charcuterie and big melamine bowls for salads, vegetables and yoghurts. By placing certain food on higher displays and others on lower displays, you tend to highlight specific items more than others, thus giving a sense of elegance, originality, ingenuity and avoiding a linear and dull presentation.


Guide your guests to make the best possible food combinations

Numerous hoteliers and chefs are really proud of the wide variety of products that they offer through their breakfast buffet. However, in some cases this could be considered as a disadvantage as guests could have difficulty in deciding what to pick among all those wonderful choices offered to them and they end up making some combinations that do not taste so well. For this reason, it is wise to consider the structure of the buffet and guide them to make the best possible combinations. Another thing that could be taken into account is to put labels and small signs in front of buffet dishes, so that guests know what each dish is and therefore be able to make their choices accordingly. Staff should also be aware of all the dishes presented at the buffet and should be in a position to explain to guests in case they have any questions or requests.

As a result, as we realize breakfast could be one of the most essential buffets in a hotel and it is considered to be the main point of attraction for many hotel guests. However, in order to make a difference and transform your breakfast buffet from ordinary to extraordinary, a hotel manager or chef has to pay attention to the small but crucial details as these are the ones that usually make the biggest impact and tempt your guests to indulge in it.

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