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From professionals for professionals: SCHÖNWALD is one of the world’s leading providers of high-end porcelain for the hospitality industry. With more than 135 years of experience SCHÖNWALD is familiar with the demanding requirements of daily use in professional kitchens. Exceptional, yet functional design and superior quality “Made in Germany” are the brand’s distinguishing characteristics. Customised service – from bespoke decorations to on time deliveries, expert advice and long availability guarantees – is another strength that is appreciated by hoteliers, restaurateurs and chefs in over 100 countries.

Functional design

SCHÖNWALD’s attractive collections translate the diverse aspects of modern dining culture into high-quality porcelain. The spectrum ranges from traditional banquet to casual finger food, from gourmet restaurant to canteen, from senior dining facility to hospital catering, and from airline to cruise ship. Our range of over 40 collections and 1,700 individual pieces provides a suitable setting for the latest food trends and for multicultural dining options. Since the brand with the stylised fir tree has been in existence, SCHÖNWALD has always come up with suitable answers for every gastronomical concept.

In developing its collections, SCHÖNWALD works with renowned designers and has frequently been recognised with national and international design awards – most recently the German Design Award 2016 Special Mention for its ALLURE collection.

Collection PLAYGROUND, launched in 2017, complements the porcelain product range with trendy materials like stoneware, wood, leather, slate, marble, melamine, glass and stainless steel. It emphasizes the brand’s design competence.

Long-lasting and sustainable quality “Made in Germany”

SCHÖNWALD porcelain is manufactured in one of the world’s most state-of-the-art production facilities. To ensure that this extremely durable porcelain can stand up to constant use in the hospitality industry, a high quality porcelain body and a high firing temperature of over 1400º Celsius are required. In 2010, SCHÖNWALD once again proved itself to be a technological pioneer in the industry with the commissioning of a new high-tech kiln with groundbreaking firing technology that delivers great flexibility in conjunction with significant energy savings. “We have been striving for years to manufacture our products as environmentally-friendly as possible by conserving resources and reducing emissions to the minimum,” says Head of Marketing Matthias Schöffel. Accordingly, the company’s energy and environmental management system have received international ISO norm 50001 and 14001 certification.

Customised service

Apart from design and “Made in Germany” quality, the two main characteristics for which SCHÖNWALD is appreciated are its customised service and reliability. It is only with perfect logistics that we can serve our many customers in all corners of the world in the fastest possible way. This is achieved by means of a highly automated decoration and logistics centre, and modern logistics systems. SCHÖNWALD also provides comprehensive customer service, develops customised logos and decors, and offers a long availability guarantee. On request SCHÖNWALD will also produce exclusive designs – for example for airlines or hospitals. It is in this way that the brand consistently lives up to its motto of “German Performance”.

Schonwald - Playground Catalogue 2023

Schonwald - HORECA catalogue 2023


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