Welcome to Cookplay, exclusively represented by MSG Tradelink in Cyprus. We are proud to introduce a new era of crockery for the Horeca industry, where sustainable materials meet captivating design.

At MSG Tradelink, our mission is clear: to bring you the next generation of tableware from Cookplay. We believe in crafting tableware that not only serves its purpose but also elevates your dining experience. Cookplay’s team of designers is dedicated to creating tableware that goes beyond aesthetics; they aim to spark emotional connections around the table.

The designs we offer are inspired by the purest forms of nature, resulting in organic and sensual shapes that will not only enhance your dining presentation but also make every meal a memorable experience.

Explore the future of tableware with Cookplay, exclusively represented by MSG Tradelink in Cyprus, and bring a touch of sustainable elegance to your Horeca establishment.

Cookplay 2024 - Catalogue


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