Which characteristics should you consider when choosing your hospitality establishment’s mattresses?

Sleep is considered as one of the fundamental factors for health, concentration, productivity and relaxation. For this reason, the right choice of mattress and bed is crucial especially for hotels and other hospitality establishments.

According to research, among the various types of travelers, both business as well as leisure travelers, the second most important characteristic after hygiene that they look for in a hotel guestroom is the quality and design of the mattress. When people travel away from their home either for leisure or business, they are actually looking for a home away from their own home and therefore the quality of the mattress determines the quality of their sleep.

There are a few central characteristics which you should take into account when considering changing the beds and mattresses of your hospitality establishment:

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Size of bed

The very first thing that a guest can see as soon as entering a hotel guestroom is the size of the bed. A bed which is bigger in size such as a king or queen size bed is usually considered as a sign of luxury and is related to comfort and relaxation.


Design and Touch

The second most important characteristic that a guest is able to spot before even sitting or lying on the bed itself is the design and touch of it. A luxurious well-designed mattress which is taller in height combined with a soft-feeling touch creates the impression of a regenerative sleep experience.



Nowadays, the hygiene of the mattress is as one of the vital considerations of your hotel establishment’s guests. A mattress with an easily removable and washable zipper case, along with a 3D Air Mesh system in the sides of the mattress which enhances air circulation through the core as well as the use of a high quality mattress protector keeps your guests coming back at your hotel establishment again and again.


Effective support system and mattress firmness

Following the three critical characteristics that a guest can immediately spot when entering the guestroom is the excellent body support system as well as the firmness of the mattress. The innovative technology of individually packed springs, either multi-, nano- or micro-pockets, provides flexible and stable support due to the different type of pressure that they exert to the various body parts. Also, a mattress with a medium firmness delivers anatomical comfort and sustained support, thus leaving your guests feeling relaxed and tension-free.


Top mattress

The use of a top mattress especially in a luxury 4 or 5 star hotel is essential. This is not only because it delivers extra comfort and softness due to the memory foam used but it also contributes to an even weight distribution and extends the life of the mattress.


Available warranty

Another primary characteristic that you should not dismiss when looking for a good hotel mattress is the available warranty that it offers. A good mattress typically offers a warranty between 5 to 20 years. The longer the warranty of the mattress the longer it provides coverage for anything that may go wrong from the date of the mattress purchase until the end of its warranty life. Each mattress factory as well as each mattress itself has its own specific terms and it is usually not possible to provide coverage for everything. Nevertheless, the most important problems that may occur such as sagging or defective seams or coils are normally covered.



Even though it is essential to purchase a good quality mattress for your hospitality establishment, this does not necessarily mean that it has to be expensive. The price depends upon the type, the size as well as the brand of the mattress you may choose.

Each hospitality establishment has different requirements according to the type of guests that they host and the impression that they may want to create to their guests as well as the rating of the hotel itself. For example, a luxury 5-star hotel may have different requirements and choose a different type of mattress than 3-star hotel or hotel apartment. This is the reason that there exist various types of mattresses with different features, different support systems and different levels of comfort and flexibility.

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Lastly, be ensured that the choice of the right bed and mattress according to your requirements is considered an investment for your hotel establishment and it has a direct impact on your guests’ satisfaction, rating and profitability.

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