The modern world of hospitality requires convenience, versatility, sustainability and disposability. Recently, in July 2021, the European Union banned single-use plastics including plates and cups, cutlery, straws and other items aiming to reduce environmental pollution from plasticware. For this reason, hospitality establishments are looking for other disposable, more convenient, easy-to-use and practical alternatives in order to switch away from single-use plasticware. One of the most viable and sustainable solutions, alternative to normal glass are polycarbonate glasses. Below we will explore 5 reasons why the use of polycarbonate glasses is safer than normal glass.


Virtually Unbreakable. Incredibly Strong and Safe

Unlike glass, polycarbonate beverageware is considered as an incredibly safe, strong, durable and long-lasting option alternative to glass. This is because it does not shatter, meaning that it is ideal for active areas where broken glass can cause a health and safety issue, such as family-friendly venues as well as any type of beach and pool areas. In addition, they are particularly practical as they can be stored and transported easily without the risk of breakages and scratches.


Elegant and Versatile

Polycarbonate glasses look elegant, refined and stylish. They look like real glass but due to their unique properties, they have the advantage of allowing drinks to retain their temperature for much longer than drinks served in glass or ceramic. They are also hand-finished made of food grade material, meaning that drinkware equally looks and feels outstanding.


Highly Transparent and remarkably easy to clean

In addition to the above, polycarbonate glasses can be easily cleaned and washed in commercial dishwashers at either high or low temperatures, meaning that they are ideal for the high use situations of the hospitality and catering industry.  Their high transparency means that they give better light transmission than other kinds of glasses.


Clearly Cost-Effective and Efficient

Tough, Durable and Lightweight polycarbonate material has much lower risk of breakages and scratches, thus immediately reducing the frequency of re-ordering, making it as a cost-saving alternative to glass.


Environmentally Friendly

Polycarbonate glasses are made of biodegradable material and for this reason they are considered to be totally recyclable and 100% reusable, thus being one of the safest options for the environment.

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