A wine glass is like a unique piece of jewelry with a special brilliance and an unmistakable sparkle.

The shape of the wine glass is important as it influences how the wine reveals its aroma and how it hits the taste zones of the tongue.

When you sniff and sip, the wine aroma becomes more distinct and extraordinary, so it immediately impacts how you perceive it and at the same time it influences your mood and attitude as well.

In addition, the type of wine glass you use for serving wine determines the formality of your event or dinner. For example, a glass with a stem makes it easier to swirl the wine and offers a more formal feel whereas a stemless wine glass creates a more relaxed and casual feel and can heat the wine quicker as your hand touches the glass bulb.

The new model of Stolzle Lausitz called “STARlight” offers a new dimension to the world of wine glassware. It is defined by its striking elegance, its lively lightness as well as its high functionality and robustness. Made of fine crystal glass, the gracefully slender stem of this one-piece lead-free glass in combination with its delicately thin-walled goblet ensures maximum wine flavor and makes it ideal for all atmospheric occasions. They are classic at first glance and prominent at first touch, ensuring professionalism and innovation at the same time!

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