Every hospitality establishment sets its tables in a distinctive and authentic way. The way you set the tables as well as the type and quality of dinnerware used is a true storyteller of the whole dining experience you provide for your guests. As the HORECA Industry is a rapidly developing and expanding industry, it is important to have in mind the Tableware trends and follow them whenever possible. 

For this reason, below we present to you the 2023 Tableware Trends of the HORECA Industry:


Snow-white Crockery

White crockery and dinnerware are an all-time classic. Although it may sometimes be considered as dull and boring, neutrality allows chefs and food & beverage managers to focus on food presentation itself and it gives them the option to combine dinnerware with other more colorful tableware and service accessories and equipment, thus leading to a contrasting presentation.


Colorful Tableware

This year, the hospitality industry is enriched with bright and juicy shades offering a pleasantly unique and aesthetic feeling to guests. The most trending colors of the season include earthy tones such as sweet coral, soft peach and terracotta, which create a sense of taste and bring comfort to the dining table. Soothing and natural colors such as green, blue and teal as well as sage and deep green or even black which surely leave a stylish mark on the interior design and add an accent of formality. However the number one of this year’s palette is lavender and any other shade of purple color, which creates a warm sense of hospitality.


Asymmetric Dinnerware

This year, designers have experimented with other options apart from the classic square and round dishes. Dinnerware with deliberately uneven, asymmetric or hand-sculpted edges with catchy decoration reliefs make the difference and create a unique and inviting table setting presentation.


Tableware patterns and prints

Another trend that is never out-of-date and it is worth considering is the patterns and prints on plates and cups, as they impress your guests in the most fashionable and inspiring way. Some examples include abstract spiral lines, gold rims, boho style and paisley patterns.


Colored Glasses

From green and blue to brown and dark pink, colored glasses with catchy decorations create an exquisite table setting and add an authentic chic style to your hospitality establishment.

As a result, following the tableware trends is always a matter of choice. It depends on when, how and in which degree you follow them, thus creating a sense of individuality and authenticity.

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