Covid-19 has entered our lives unexpectedly and totally changed every part of them. Instead of going to our workplace, instead of visiting or going out with friends and relatives, we are now forced to stay at home in order to protect ourselves from the vividly spreading virus. Therefore, this has given a new meaning and it has immediately created a new reality for everybody. It has actually given us the chance to rethink and reconsider every area of our life including both our personal and professional life.

The spread of Covid-19 in Cyprus has found all of us being surrounded by different types of protective and disinfecting equipment, with the most vital and most widely used being the face masks, gloves as well as antiseptic hand gels and lotions. It is important for professionals of the Cypriot HORECA Industry to preserve the government’s measures in using the required appliances whilst ensuring safety and showing respect towards their customers. This is because once customers get the feeling that all hygienic standards are reserved, then they will be more willing to visit the same place again. Therefore, in order to achieve that outcome it is crucial for hoteliers and restaurant owners in Cyprus to purchase the right equipment which will help them meet those standards and at the same time to train their employees in such a way so that their guests are kept safe and satisfied.

This could be achieved in the following ways: First of all, it is essential to guarantee the complete disinfection of their place by using sterilizing appliances as well as automatic hand sanitizing dispensers with antiseptic hand gels/lotions in order to achieve an outstanding result. Another item that should be used by HORECA equipment professionals is barrier posts in order for customers to keep a secure distance between them. An additional product that should be used is protective food covers and lids, as these assist in keeping meals either for self-service or buffet safe.

An extra final item type used in order to preserve hygienic standards and avoid the spread of Covid-19 is the use of sustainable one-use tableware such as wooden cutlery, palm leaf and sugar cane dishes, organic napkins, bio-plastic tableware and other organic items. Even though the purchase and use of such equipment may initially increase the costs of HORECA enterprises, it will eventually augment their cleanliness and sanitization, which means an upsurge in the cleanliness ranking while being able to safeguard guests’ health and leading to an increase in their reservations and revenues.

Consequently, it is beneficial for all HORECA Industry professionals to purchase the right required disinfecting equipment for meeting government measures in order to keep their returning customers healthy and content. It is vital to stay hopeful and united during these challenging times as the more united we are and the more we follow all precautionary procedures, then the more easily and quicker the whole situation will pass.

M.S.G. Tradelink Ltd can provide you with the complete set of protective sanitizing equipment and appliances for your HORECA establishment, including:
⦁ Face masks
⦁ Disinfectants and sterilizers
⦁ Antiseptic hand gels and lotions
⦁ Automatic soap dispensers
⦁ Micro cleaner sanitizing machine
⦁ Barrier systems
⦁ Protective domes, covers and lids
⦁ Sustainable one-use tableware