An apron is the most useful, widely used and essential part of a uniform for any type of role in the hospitality and catering business. Whether a chef, kitchen or service personnel, or a housekeeper, an apron can add a sense of elegance and grace to the existing uniform while helping personnel look more professional, stylish and creating a branding effect as well. In addition to these, an apron is ideal for keeping your personnel protected from stains, spills and splashes thus preventing infection and cross-contamination and keeping clothes clean and tidy. As known, there are various types of aprons and each one is used for a different purpose, meaning that each personnel category should use a different type of apron depending on his/her role. 


Bib apron

This is the most popular style of apron, ideal for chefs and kitchen personnel, serving staff, bartenders and baristas. This style of apron covers your body from the chest area to the knee. It has an adjustable neck strap and waist with ties as well as large versatile patch pockets for pens, pads and tablets. It is often recommended to add the hospitality establishment’s logo on this type of apron for promotion and branding purposes.


Waist apron

Waist aprons do not provide upper body coverage, but they are much shorter in length and usually end well above the knee. However, they are super practical with wide pockets in the front area for the staff to store everything needed. They also offer ease of movement and practicality and they are usually worn by waiters and other serving staff.


Bistro apron

Bistro aprons are full-length waist aprons and in contrast to the waist aprons, these cover the body area below the knees. These aprons have wide patch pockets as well and they are most popular for chefs and front-of-house staff.


Cross back apron

These aprons are similar to bib aprons with the only difference being that the straps sit on personnel’s shoulders and cross over the back, thus helping the staff feel much relieved and comfortable as the strain is removed from their neck. These are perfect for serving staff and waiters as well.


Waterproof aprons

This is one of the most efficient, hard-wearing, easy-to-use and easy-to-care types of apron. Made of PVC and Nylon, these aprons are spill resistant and can be easily cleaned with a clean damp cloth. These are usually worn by kitchen staff, dishwashers and other staff responsible for heavy-duty tasks.


Denim aprons

Denim aprons are the most fashionable choice for casual dining bistros and restaurants or bars with a modern look. They are hard-wearing, durable and comfortable and they are available in several types of aprons.


Signature (Bespoke) aprons

These are designer aprons, particularly worn by serving staff, made of high-quality material with interesting buckles, fasteners and other details making them unique and creating a statement effect. These may cost more than the other types of aprons, but they are perfect for creating an impact and standing out from the rest.

As a result, the apron is an essential and critical part of the hospitality business and for this reason it is important to know the differences between the various types of aprons as the choice you make will automatically affect both the appearance and performance of your personnel, as it will either enhance or reduce their efficiency and adeptness.

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