According to the old saying “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. This shows how important the role of appearance is in every part of our life and especially in businesses. Your employees are considered as your biggest asset and for this reason their appearance creates and shapes the image of your business.

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This is of great importance for hospitality organizations such as hotels, restaurants and catering businesses as your employees are the first ones that clients see when entering your business. If your employees look professional, then automatically this gives the signal that the organization follows certain rules and morals and it therefore acts in a professional manner towards its customers.

In addition, the establishment of a uniform in the HORECA industry may encourage cooperation between your employees thus creating a sense of belonging, meaning that their productivity and efficiency is increased.

Moreover, the use of professional workwear clothing HORECA industry may save on costs for clothing while also saving time and energy especially when getting ready for work. Another benefit for your hospitality business is that the uniform acts as a free advertising tool which promotes your business to prospective clients and creates brand awareness.


Crucial factors which you should take into consideration when choosing uniforms for your employees:

Comfort – Safety - Functionality

Depending on the work conditions as well as the time that your employees spend at work wearing the uniforms, it is important to provide them with a feeling of comfort, functionality and safety in order to allow them to move freely without affecting their productivity. This is very important especially for chefs as well as housekeepers working in the HORECA industry.

Size – Color – Elegance

Uniforms need to have the right color, size as well as to be stylish, modern and elegant. These are considered as the three main factors which affect mostly employees’ behavior and psychology. If personnel feel happy wearing their uniform, then this means that they will have more passion for their work as well.


Customizing the working clothes of your employees with a special symbol or the logo of your hotel or restaurant will create a high recognition value for your business and it will also act as a marketing tool while establishing a sense of unity among employees.


Availability of samples and fair return service

Before ordering the workwear desired, it is important to be able to get samples in order to wear them, thus making sure that their fit and quality is what requested. Nevertheless, in the case where the working clothes do not fulfill your satisfaction, then it is important to be able to return them back without any further obligation.


A satisfactory price-to-quality relationship is also important. An increased price does not always signify a higher product quality. 


For this reason, our partner “Jobeline” has been operating in the professional workwear industry for several years providing quality uniforms, made in Germany, for every role and type of job in the Hospitality industry. From kitchen to service to reception and managing positions as well as housekeeping and workwear shoes, can satisfy the requests of even the most demanding customers.

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