On the 14th and 15th November 2022 as well as on the 17th and 18th of November 2022, Gastronomy Essentials, the leader in the field of education and gastronomy in Greece and Cyprus, presented two inspiring and educational seminars in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our company M.S.G. Tradelink was proud to be once again one of the main sponsors of the two seminars.

The first seminar with the name “FLAVOR EXTRACTION & NEUROGASTRONOMY” was presented by the distinguished Greek chef Dimitris Kontaratos and was dedicated to the enhancement of taste through research as well as scientific and experimental study of raw materials, thus ultimately achieving the perfect “Tastiness” in each meal preparation. It was also focused on the control and measurement of physicochemical constants of broths, such as soluble solids, acidity and sugars.

The second seminar with name “LESS SUGAR, LESS FAT & VEGAN DESSERTS” was presented by the world-renowned pastry chef Jordi Puigvert. This was focused on the sweetness of desserts and especially desserts with reduced sugars, and low fat as well as providing new vegan options and how these could be used successfully in professional confectionery. The Chef demonstrated a few sugar alternatives and explained their features. He also showed the way by which we can regulate both the intensity of desserts (sweetness point), as well as their nutritional value

Both seminars were completed with great success, leaving the participants excited and eager to put all this new knowledge in practice.

We would like to thank Mr. Harry Haralambides, the CEO and founder of Gastronomy Essentials for his valuable support and trust in our company and products.

Credits and praise go to the photographer Charis Evagorou for the superb photos taken.

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